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Video has come a long way when it comes to different outputs, video sizes/quality, and executions. Just like all technology that we currently have our eye on, all of the advancements have come into view within the last 50 years. But why has video as a marketing tool just become a focus in all industries?

Marketing alone has its own scope and rules to follow. Between segmentation and philosophy, there’s probably nothing more stressful to a future marketeer. However, within these rules lie the different focuses to digital and print media campaigns that only seem to be captured best by the power of a good video.

 Let’s focus on the four E’s to figure out why video is necessary and more importantly why video is the best tool when creating messages.


Just about every millennial (and others) grew up watching Sesame Street. A colorful production filled with music and funny jokes, interesting character voices and games, and most of all a problem and solution that turns into learning. (Take that simple math!) Educating an audience through video is probably the most effective method simply because it adheres to the emotion of empathy. We use that to connect with one another, and if you are using videos for your audience to educate, most likely you are using this tool to share with your viewer things they didn’t know or things they are needing to reinforce.


Speaking of sharing through education, empowering one another is one of our best human characteristics. Sometimes this comes down to sharing the same language or cause, but in lieu of educating, being able to teach someone the process and skill to accomplish a goal is quite fulfilling. Ever heard of the proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”? Well, your new video tutorial could be the fishing lesson your audience is waiting for.



The next video you choose to watch, either online or on TV, has a 96% chance to be entertaining. With a number like that, why aren’t ALL videos entertaining?! Lol. We know there is a huge learning curve to transform any video into an entertaining one, and just like all repetitious actions, we are just imitating the gestures of characters that have entertained us over the years. Therefore, we keep a good cycle going. This is GOOD for the culture of making a video and amazing for yourself as you continue to make videos that make your audience chuckle, excited, and even pleased to watch your content. Creating content that allows your audience to relax just a little bit right before you send them a call to action can almost always guarantee success!


Out of the four E’s, allowing your audience to engage is truly the meat and potatoes of your video. Whether the call to action is to Click, Create, or Call, we always want our audience to DO something during or right after watching the video. The more content that is created with some innovative ways to entice viewers to engage is truly the key to unlocking your videos full potential. The action of engaging itself means you have your audience’s attention. Whenever a magician asks for a volunteer, the excitement that soon follows gives the audience member an experience that no one else in the room can have. Imagine being able to multiply this experience for every viewer and more importantly use that experience as its own marketing tool.

Check out this video message to our CEO, where we asked people to engage and send a birthday message as well.

Video has even more room to expound on these topics, which is why we here at nFusz are passionate about interactive video. We recognize the space we are disrupting, and with the tools we just went over, we know that you’ll be creating more content that will evoke emotion for your business and beyond. Did we miss anything on our list? Comment below and let us know what you think, then share this post with your colleague and lets a get a discussion going!