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A modern digital engagement platform. It’s Facebook meets Instagram for the CRM and business world. Allow your audience the same immersive digital experience they know and love. Engage and sell with them digitally first, the same way they’re accustomed to consuming content.

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Free to use without download or commitment of any kind, quickly and easily add clickable taggs to any YouTube video or selfie video recorded using your webcam. By tagging your video, viewers will have the ability to click to shop now, send you an email, schedule a meeting, follow you on social, or even call you directly all from within the video.  Once created, share your tagged video directly on to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or copy and paste the video link in an email body or text blast.

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Built with the marketer and content creator in mind, experience all of the same functionality as Tagg Lite but with added features.  Now you can manage and review all of your video content without having to worry about your video links expiring.  Check out your video analytics highlighting the number of video views, interactions, and average view time for every one of your videos.  Additionally, within your videos, upload or create your own custom buttons for your taggs your viewers will love.

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taggCRM is a complete CRM for the salesperson on the go.  Manage all of your sales and marketing initiatives from the palm of your hand. Growing your business doesn’t have to be hard…with taggCRM it is as easy as posting a video to Instagram.  Share content such as videos, GIFs, images, websites, PDFs, and more with prospects via SMS, email, social media, and links. Receive real-time notifications when prospects view or interact with the content you share so you can follow up.  Easily sync contacts and build a list of hot and cold prospects the fun way by simply swiping.

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For enterprise clients with a larger, mobile sales force, have your reps utilize their own custom built, mobile CRM sales tool that leverages the power of nFusz’ interactive video technology, incorporates viewer analytics, lead management capabilities, email drip campaigns, and much more.  Since every application is a custom build, we can tailor the application to fit the exact needs of the organization.  With corporate control at the admin level, provide and continuously update all of the collateral your reps need to be successful, all of which being delivered right to the palm of their hand.

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1. tagg it

Drag and tagg your videos. Upload or record a video and then add interactive taggs to make your video a two-way conversation. Give your viewers the ability to send you an email, visit a website, or even call you directly from the video.

2. share it

Share your taggCRM videos via social media, email, SMS, or copy and paste the taggCRM video link anywhere. Your viewers will love your interactive taggs.

3. track it

Data is king. Receive real time push notifications letting you know who has watched your videos, how long they watched, what taggs they tapped, and more. Now go close that deal!

4. close it

Focus on closing. Separate hot leads from cold ones by swiping left or right (yep that’s right, it’s basically Tinder for your leads and prospects).


Become a taggCRM member then download the app and login with your unique credentials.

tagg inside


Client Success Stories

“It can be challenging to convey our value proposition succinctly without taking too much time from the potential client.  We find that the most efficient way to educate our consumer is with interactive videos that slowly educate them as they get more comfortable with the idea of a lifestyle change.  We’re still making improvements, but so far we’ve seen interaction rates ranging from 69%-88% on each video in our funnel.”

Nash Prince, VP, Business Development

Betr Health Case Study

“We used Tagg Interactive Video to make our 3-Day Online Summit (featuring experts in every aspect of Trade Shows) interactive. We were able to receive sponsorship dollars because we could offer companies the ability to include a clickable tagg where viewers could immediately download resources, click on an email tagg to get in touch with them right away, and make their lower-third click straight to the page they wanted to showcase.

Using Verb helped us pay for the Summit with sponsorship dollars that would have been hard to obtain otherwise.”

Dianna Geairn

COO of TradeShow Makeover

“We didn’t believe it either so we posted screenshots of the DR2 analytics page.

1,010% increase when using Tagg.

30 Day Test.  250,000 + Emails sent with 1.12% conversion rate with non-interactive videos compared to a 12.4% conversion rate with Tagg.  We couldn’t believe it either, here’s the proof.”


Case Study

“Education is a people business. Efficient communication and transparency are key to any school’s success.  taggEDU sets itself apart from all other EdTech tools as it is truly a universal resource for all sectors of education that allows administrators, teachers, and students to create amazing platforms to deliver information.  As a principal it allows me to communicate in a more natural way to our students and community.  It allows our teachers to incorporate more Project Based Learning activities, more effective substitute lesson plans and takes the flipped classroom model to another stratosphere!  The creative possibilities are endless while its ease of use makes it the most dynamic product on the market.”

Lou Antonetti

Principal, Sachem High School East

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