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Denise Butler

Chief Resource Officer and General Manager

Denise Butler has over 12 years of experience as a business owner, manager, and consultant. After graduating from the University of Montana with degrees in chemistry and nursing, she went on to work in the healthcare field as a nurse and a hospital business consultant for patient/outpatient programs at Stanford Children’s Hospital. Simultaneously, Denise founded, grew, and operated her own businesses, coordinated events for large non-profit organizations, and managed social media and successful marketing campaigns for several music artists and corporations. She founded Hip Hop Run in 2016, an organization that brings together artists, nonprofits, and fitness lovers alike in fundraising marathons set to hip-hop music. Denise singlehandedly recruited sponsors, vendors, artists, and coordinated all marketing efforts for a national tour of Hip Hop Run, which was met with monumental success in its first year—participation of over 15,000 runners in 7 cities across the US. She brings her entrepreneurial spirit, creative vision, and knowledge of every aspect of the sales and business development process to nFusz.

Since her time at Verb, she has held the roles of Social Media Manager, VP of Customer Acquisition & Enterprise Sales Manager, and now General Manager.