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Juice Plus’ Qualifying National Marketing Director Denise Webster shares her professional opinion on notifi, why she thinks it will disrupt the CRM industry and encourages network marketers to adopt our interactive technology

Denise Webster has been a Qualifying National Marketing Director at Juice Plus+ for more than 15 years. Drawing on her many years of experience in network marketing, Webster explains how important it is for sales professionals to keep up with the latest developments in sales, marketing, and lead generation technology.  Her technology of choice is notifi, from Hollywood startup nFüsz, which uses interactive video to boost engagement and conversion rates over 600%!

Was there a key moment or person that made you decide to begin a career in network marketing?

For me, the key moment was when I was introduced to a product that made a HUGE difference in my health and the health of my children. I was so excited about the results we were experiencing that I just had to share it with everyone I met. The fact that I could offer people an amazing product that I knew would improve their health, and at the same time, create recurring, passive income for myself – well, that was the icing on the cake!

In your experience, what is the most powerful sales and recruiting tool you’ve seen in your network marketing career?

I’ve used many different apps, tools and programs over the years, but I’d have to say without hesitation that after being introduced to notifi from nFüsz and having learned the many ways it can help grow my business, notifi surpasses anything I’ve seen.

The technology is so simple to use, and it garners attention like no other tool I’ve ever seen. When it comes to selling and recruiting, I’m old school. ‘Belly to belly’, as my colleagues like to call it, has always been the most effective way to produce sales and recruit affiliates. But times have changed. Everyone is on social media. Today, many people actually prefer to connect online. This is where notifi really shines. The app allows you to import your contacts list, and then send a virtual 3D-like salesperson to the screens of your contacts to explain the product as well or even better than most sales reps. But what makes it even more compelling is that it’s all interactive – so your prospects and clients can actually click on things in the video to request more information – or if they’re really motivated – place an order right there in the video. You really need to see this for yourself to understand how effective this is – and how simple. It can make even novice salespeople achieve incredible results right away.

What other methods have you used to generate leads?

I’ve used everything; social media, Facebook, Live Zoom calls, conference calls, seminars, webinars, among many others.

What is the most powerful recruiting question you ask people?

I ask them “What are you currently doing to achieve your health goals and your financial goals? What’s stopping you from achieving those goals? Is it a lack of confidence in selling?” You would be surprised to learn how many people are ready to make a change and are just waiting for someone to present them with the right tools.

What is the biggest challenge faced in trying to recruit new people?

The biggest challenge is getting past the fear many people have of rejection. That is the single biggest reason people avoid sales positions – even after they accept the fact that a sales career, even part-time, could help improve their personal financial situation in a meaningful way. This is where a tool like notifi really makes a difference. notifi uses virtual salesperson, interactive videos, ensuring that the value proposition is accurately , succinctly, and effectively communicated to prospects, who can respond to a call-to-action right in the video. And no one has to worry about rejection.

How do you stay current with industry trends?

I’m constantly reading articles and receiving information from other people in my business about trends in sales, marketing, and technology. I’ve found that staying on top of all the latest technologies is crucial. Our field sales team is usually the first to hear about new technologies and introduce them to corporate. Online tools such as Zoom and Voxer have made our business communication easier. Voxer replaced Voice Com in our company, and notifi, in my opinion, would be a fitting replacement for the old traditional sales tools we’ve been using.

What types of technology or tools do you wish were available for people in your industry?

I wish that the features available in notifi were used more in my industry. I am always looking for new and more effective ways to interact with our sales team and with our customers. I think it’s important to reach out to people through social media, and to send video communications that people can easily view on any device. I also like notifi’s callback feature, where a virtual salesperson in a video throws out a phone on the screen. They then ask the viewer to put in their number to receive an immediate call back. This feature is a unique way to connect with new and existing customers all while storing each customer’s contact information.

There are so many distractions out there nowadays, so it’s important that our sales methods stand out from the pack.