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Calls to action (CTAs) are the motivating force that bridges the gap between your sales pitch and making the sale. That’s why having a strong CTA is such an important factor when it comes to closing the deal. nFusz’s interactive video software—one of the many powerful elements of the notifiCRM platform—allows you to add clickable CTAs to any of your sales videos, giving you a fun, easy, and effective way to drive more business. Gone are the days of boring and passive sales videos that plead the viewer to dial a number, type in a website, or head to an online shop. Interactive CTAs make it a snap for prospective customers to get in touch with you or view your product. Let’s look at a few of the ways we can use interactive CTAs to streamline the customer’s experience and bring your business new levels of active sales.

  1. Book an Appointment

Using interactive videos, you can let your potential clients book an appointment with just a simple tap on your video. Having an interactive CTA at the end of your promotional video will let viewers make the decision to work with you while you are actively promoting your services to them. This means your promotional influence is running strong while the prospect is taking action. Using interactive CTAs in this matter eliminates the possibility of hesitation or distraction that can occur if users have to put forward more effort to get in touch with you. The end result is more bookings, more often.

  1. Launch a Website

Your interactive video can also let viewers instantly jump to a customized landing page that you create specifically for them. Imagine a video where you point to a part of the screen, an interactive button appears, and appeals to the viewer to click the button to learn more. Viewers can be redirected without ever having to leave your video or scroll through the mire of comments to find a link. Attention spans on the Internet are short—every spare second might be a lost sale!

  1. Click to Purchase

What if your prospects could buy your product straight from your video? That’s possible with interactive CTAs! This can totally change the game when it comes to connecting the dots between your promotions and your sales. Having a “Click to Purchase” button directly on your video actively links your pitch to the purchase. This is a captivating new way for users to make purchases. Especially useful for startups that are offering unique products, “Click to Purchase” interactive CTAs capitalize on the “Wow!” factor of your video to drive sales in a seamless way.

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How Can Interactive CTAs Revolutionize the Way You Do Business?

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of interactive CTAs. Anything you can do with a click on a website you can integrate into your videos with the nFusz interactive video platform. Viewers can call you, launch a video conference, or provide instant feedback all without leaving your video.

You can create your own interactive videos quickly and easily, all from your phone or tablet. The nFusz notifiCRM platform provides you with click-by-click video analytics that help you to better understand your customers as well as discover what promotional approaches are working best for your business. This all ties seamlessly with the nFusz Lead Manager and Email Campaign platform, so you can build every element of your brand visibility all from one intuitive platform. This is truly a game changer when it comes to how you build brand awareness and drive sales.

With the power of interactive CTAs, you can unleash the true potential of your sales videos. Try out the nFusz notifiCRM platform today to get started.